Trick or Treat?

Annie’s web ….wrapped up in my cobweb dress for Halloween … helping to hide all my darkest secrets!



Sunday Is A Day of Rest

Sunday is a day of rest and I certainly need one after all the new challenges this week! Learning how to blog, how to upload my photos, how to even take the photos and most of all finding something different to wear each day – so time to snuggle up and relax…..see you tomorrow xx

Saturday Night At The Movies

Just casual today – off to the cinema with friends so ….still wearing my jeans …. now realising why I need this blog too as think  I must have a bit of a jeans addiction( promise to get out of them next blog) – I have added a baggy jumper from Phase 8 with a long t-shirt underneath to hid the bum, and my favourite shoes of the moment – animal print Doc Martins – pass the popcorn please!

Am I Reddy?

I’m being brave today so am out in the changing rooms feeling bold, trying on a fab red trench coat from Hobbs.  A colour I would never normally choose to wear but apparently is good for older complexions and I’ve decided that I love it! Good length over trousers, nice belt to clinch in giving a bit of shape – very wearable!

Thanks  for coming shopping with me, Annie xx

Tweedy winter warmer

Tweedy winter warmer Its looking a bit grey and chilly out there so time to warm up. Ive put a tweed vintage looking jacket from Zara over my jeans – nice and casual, slightly fitted but with a bit of length to cover the bottom!

Although we’ve already lived through shoulder pads in the Dallas era, they are back again and this time we might be a bit more grateful for the effect it has on making our hips appear  much slimmer ….


Shoulders Away

First post and its not as easy as it looks! Have tried endless times to take a picture of myself on my phone and failed miserably… now not so sure why I have even started this blog at all, but I will/must get better!

Now that summer seems to have come to an end, I thought is was time to show off the tan just one more time before I’m wrapped up in jumpers so here is my vintage blouse that does all the right things – long sleeves to hide those wiggly bingo wings, slightly loose around the middle to hide a few sins but a hint of flesh showing the shoulders that really must be one of our best bits that hasn’t yet succumbed to time!

Thanks for dropping by to ‘my changing room’ this evening, see you again tomorrow after another wardrobe raid!

Annie xx