Deciding on what to wear each day is always a bit hit or miss but deciding what to wear when you’re over 50 is somehow even more daunting. I used to find it so easy to pull something out of my wardrobe and put an outfit together…now whenever I am getting dressed to go out I seem to surround myself with piles of clothes that for one reason or another just don’t look right. As the panic sets in I then end up wearing the same old things with at least half my wardrobe unworn.

Suddenly, lots of things look:

too tight

too short

too girly

too mumsy

too low

too like I’ve raided my daughters wardrobe…

So with my confidence dipping daily, I decided if I have this problem, so must lots of women my age so I thought I’d set out to find a different combination of wearable ‘age appropriate’ clothes for each day and hope that if I am successful, I can inspire you to leave the house feeling great!

I am Annie, a 50 something year old who has never tweeted, facebooked, let alone blogged in my life but thought I’d give it a go.

So, I am going to try and take the hard work out of choosing what to wear each day, and see what is out there  for the over 50’s with a regular viewing from either a high street changing room or my own ‘vintage’ wardrobe with only the help of my iPhone camera ….

Wish me luck! x


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